What is Green Energy

Green energy is defined as energy derived from natural sources including sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal heat, biomass such as plant and animal matter. Fossil fuels have an expiry date on them as they take millions of years to develop. We are rapidly using up the fossil fuel resources available to us. Clearly, we need to look for alternative sources of energy which are rapidly renewable as well as clean for the environment. As fossil fuels burn up, they put additional strain on our fragile environment by giving out harmful green house gasses. We need environmentally, economically and practically sustainable energy to power us. Green energy is perfect answer to these concerns.

Green energy is also highly accessible to even those populations located in remote and extreme areas of our planet. Constant research has enabled green energy to become cost effective for everyone. For example, solar panels today are much lower and thus even the most remote villages in the world have been granted electricity generated from solar energy.

There has been a lot of research in the field of renewable energy in the past decades and today alternate energy has taken center stage globally as we realise their immense value. Vast resources of natural energy lie virtually untapped- heat from the sun, the vast water bodies on our planet, rainfall, wind and the underground geothermal heat. We need to develop efficient and smart technology to utilize these energy sources and we at Ecobultex are committed to bringing you the very best.

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