Unconventional Sources of Renewable Energy

Around the world, there is an ongoing effort to discover untapped sources to create renewable energy. Apart from natural and bio-organic matter, countries like Sweden have created a revolution by generating energy from waste. So successful is this experiment that Sweden is now importing waste from its neighbours to feed its waste recycling and energy production machinery. Here are some other unconventional sources of renewable energy which hold a great promise for the future.


·         Magma

One of the most ambitious experiments is underway in Iceland where scientists and researchers are looking to generate energy from underground magma. Underground liquid magma has vast potential as it is a source of tremendous heat.

·         Bacteria

Scientists at Harvard University have discovered bacteria as producers of energy and developed the microbial fuel cell (MFC) batteries. These batteries are a breakthrough solution which can bring power to even the most undeveloped of regions in the world where there are no power grids or other infrastructure.

·         Bricks

Researchers have developed living bricks which use the power from metabolic processes of microbes to transform sunlight, waste water and air into energy. It might seem like too much effort for too little, but research has proved that these bricks are capable of generating enough electricity to light up an LED lamp and other small electric devices.

·         Footfalls

In what could prove to be another breakthrough in the field of renewable energy, scientists at New York-based EnGoPLANET are experimenting with human footfalls as a possible source of energy. Millions of people use the sidewalks of major cities like New York. Their footfalls have been used to light up specially created street lights which get their power from kinetic energy pads fixed in the sidewalks. The success of these breakthrough experiments has proved that no attempt is too small when it comes to creating enduring, cost effective alternative energy solutions.

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