Emerging Technologies Used In The Water Treatment Process

Water treatment has now become an essential process because of the high degree of water pollution. Most of the sources of natural water have now been contaminated through either natural or man-made activities. Thus, water treatment has turned out to be an important process for the residential, commercial and industrial needs. These days a lot of companies are there in Florida which offer water treatment services. They use some advanced technological ways to improve the quality of water. At Florida based water plants, various kinds of impurities from the water are cleaned so that the purified and the filtered water is supplied to your place.

purified water tanks

Water treatment technology developed in latest

Here is a list of some emerging technologies for water treatment so that water can be purified at the microscopic level:

  • Membrane filtration technology: Low pressure and high pressure membranes are used in this type of filtration technology to give the clean water.
  • Ultraviolet irradiation technology: This technology is helpful in the disinfection process. It kills the microscopic sized germs and bacteria present in water.
  • Advanced oxidation technology: In this type of technology, hydroxyl radicals are produced as a result of the oxidation of impurities. Ozone is used in this type of filtration to remove the odor, color and unpleasant taste.
  • Ion exchange technology: This technology is mainly done for the water softening purpose. If the water that is supplied to your place is hard then you should use the filter with ion exchange technology.
  • Biological filtration: It helps in obtaining the biologically stable water that is fit for drinking. It helps in lowering the biodegradable organic matter concentrate in water.

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