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Attractive Lighting Solution For Improving The Ambience Of Your Space

Lighting plays an important role in creating the perfect ambience in the interiors and the exteriors of your place. The type of lighting you are choosing for your place greatly expresses your mood and creates the perfect environment which you want to have. All you need is to choose is the right type of lighting for different rooms  and the exteriors of your house, office or any other commercial space. There is a wide range of lighting solutions but the […]

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Unconventional Sources of Renewable Energy

Around the world, there is an ongoing effort to discover untapped sources to create renewable energy. Apart from natural and bio-organic matter, countries like Sweden have created a revolution by generating energy from waste. So successful is this experiment that Sweden is now importing waste from its neighbours to feed its waste recycling and energy production machinery. Here are some other unconventional sources of renewable energy which hold a great promise for the future.   ·         Magma One of the […]

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What is Green Energy

Green energy is defined as energy derived from natural sources including sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal heat, biomass such as plant and animal matter. Fossil fuels have an expiry date on them as they take millions of years to develop. We are rapidly using up the fossil fuel resources available to us. Clearly, we need to look for alternative sources of energy which are rapidly renewable as well as clean for the environment. As fossil fuels burn up, they put additional […]

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