Always Conduct Asbestos Survey Before Using It for Construction work

There is a government regulation where it has been specifically directed that while constructing an independent building, where asbestos is used, it must be properly surveyed before using it. In case, any building contractor fails to conduct this survey then he can also be prosecuted as it is the question of security of the home buyers. If the survey report about the asbestos is not found to be good then it should be discarded.

Types of survey

Following are the two different kinds of surveys required –

  • Management survey

If you are located at Essex then you can get in touch with professional surveyors for asbestos. By taking help from asbestos surveying in Essex you can get various data regarding the asbestos along with their test reports etc. With this survey report, one can decide whether the asbestos can really be used for the project.

  • Refurbishment/Demolition Survey

You can take help from any accredited surveyors and get the report before taking up any extension project in your existing home. All the necessary testing will be done to identify the types of asbestos.

In both types, the above survey is done by keeping in view the safety of the construction and also of the buyers.

Financial penalty

By not following the directives of the government, there can be severe penalty for the offender. In many cases, the wilful defaulter has been sent to jail for non-conformance of the order.  So, make sure to follow the rules to avoid any trouble.

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