All That You Wanted to Know About Carbon Cleaning

These days, carbon cleaning machines are used by technicians in most of the workshops that have hydrogen powered decarbonizing system and within short time the engine will completely turn into new again. This new advanced technology can burn 75 per cent of carbon deposits that was preventing the engine to run smoothly. Hydrogen plays a very important role in carbon cleaning and makes the process faster.

How it works?

It is very easy to operate any carbon cleaning machine that passes pulsed hydrogen flow. When hydrogen is forced on the engine then it heats the carbon and raises the temperature to trigger pyrolysis. This is a kind of chemical reaction that helps to burn and disintegrate carbon deposits. The carbon cleaning machines are fitted with timer. Depending upon the amount of carbon to be cleaned the timing is set and cleaning is done.

Benefits of carbon cleaning

  • Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas and almost 5 times than any normal fuel. Therefore, it can burn very quickly the carbon particle much quickly and in efficient manner.
  • Very little amount of hydrogen is sufficient to clean large area of carbon deposit that is not possible by any other means.
  • Combustion duration is shortened due to hydrogen
  • Thermal efficiency during cleaning process is much better than any other types of cleaning.
  • Carbon is swiftly burnt off, disintegrated and removed from the surface of machines.
  • You need not replace your engine parts too often and thus reduces the maintenance cost of any engine.

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